B2B eCommerce is no longer an experiment

The B2B e-commerce is no longer an experiment a few companies but has become a  real need for all companies that want to attract new professionals and distributors customers and offer its customers a powerful tool for eCommerce that allows the increase of sales and loyalty.

These portals have all the necessary tools so that customers can consult the catalog of products with prices and personalized offers, place orders, request budgets, consult invoices, among other features. The use of B2B portals, therefore, means a great saving in operating costs for the companies that implement it, while seeing the average amount and number of orders grow.

B2B portals allow for example that a company can sell in other countries at low-cost thanks to opening the portal to new customers and distributors using B2B marketing tools such as Salesmanago. It is also an important sales support for the sales force since it allows commercials to place orders on behalf of the clients they have in their portfolio.

An increasingly important element for companies in the loyalty of their customers, and this is a point that B2B portals cover perfectly through different tools such as integration with mail marketing platforms, loyalty programs with discount points and/or gifts, the possibility of repeating orders, requesting personalized quotes or loading a web order from an Excel sheet.

It is important to highlight that one of the most important factors of a B2B is its integration model with the company’s ERP. The more information is integrated with the ERP, the higher the level of process automation is carried out, which means significant cost savings for the company and an improvement in customer satisfaction by being able to consult the information in real-time.


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