Google Cloud Functions Integrates Support For Java 11

Google has declared support for Java 11 on its serverless computing stage Cloud Functions.

As a serverless stage, Cloud Functions run bits of code without a developer expecting to oversee servers. Cloud Functions for Java 11 permits designers to compose code in JVM dialects like Java, Kotlin, Groovy, and Scala through the Functions Framework for Java, which is a functions-as-a-service framework for composing Java capacities.

There are two kinds of functions in serverless processing: HTTP and background functions. HTTP functions are utilized to react to HTTP occasions; Background functions are utilized to process occasions sourced from cloud and GCP administrations. The Functions Framework for Java gives an API that can be utilized to creator those functions. It additionally gives an invoker to calling and running those functions, either locally or in any Java 11 condition, Google clarified.

Notwithstanding the Functions Framework for Java, Google is currently offering out-of-the-crate support for the Micronaut system and Spring Cloud Function venture. Developers can pick what system they need to utilize and make HTTP and background functions utilizing that framework model.

As indicated by Google, some model use cases for functions are real-time information preparing, taking real-time ongoing occasion streams, and intelligent applications like bots or video, picture, and sentiment analysis.

“Java developers would now be able to compose their functions utilizing the Java programming language (a language regularly utilized in ventures) notwithstanding Node.js, Go, or Python. Cloud Functions permit you to run bits of code locally or in the cloud, without provisioning or overseeing servers: Deploy your code, and let the stage handle scaling all over for you,” Guillaume Laforge, developer advocate for Google Cloud, wrote in a post.

Cloud Functions for Java 11 is right now in beta. Developers can give it a shot with their most loved JVM language and frameworks.


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