Project Management Tools For Entrepreneurs

Project management tools for entrepreneurs

The software comes to the rescue of those who need extra order, alerts, delivery date management, calendars and everything that can make us as effective and productive as possible.

At first, your team may be a little reluctant to use these tools; but when they see how all the activity of each project can be centralized, they will realize how much time is gained and how much errors are minimized.

Let’s see some of the best alternatives you can find in the market. You will see how one suits your needs.

# 1 – Monday

If Monday doesn’t sound like anything, you should give it a try. The learning curve is simply ridiculous: in a matter of seconds you can get the basic operation of the tool: create groups, tasks, assign responsible, deadlines and status. Managing the calendar can’t be easier either.

# 2 – Asana

A compilation of project management tools for entrepreneurs cannot be made without mentioning Asana. This software is one of the platforms preferred by large companies, so much so that the term “I pass it through Asana” that “I send it to you by email” begins to be more common.

The operation is similar to Monday: we create projects and tasks with their corresponding columns of content type, status, responsible … Almost all these tools are really similar in terms of mechanics of use. This is great because when we get one, we can use another without much trouble.

The default templates and customizable Asana are very well thought out. For example, the one created for marketing teams uses certain modules such as integration with agencies, editorial calendar, publication in social media … These characteristics are totally different from, for example, the product, for which there are also modules specific.

# 3 – Basecamp

Less visual than the previous options, but just as efficient as soon as you get the hang of it. Basecamp is another reference in this matter.

 Imagine Basecamp as a large cork board fixed on the office wall. The different tasks are fixed in it and, within these, subtasks, conversation threads, files, documents … 

All those involved in the project are constantly aware of each action to be taken and the state in which it is located, although it also has private chats and messages.

It also works very well as a repository, since all the information is always accessible. The “send me the document that I can’t find it” is over. Basecamp is very easy to manage, so we can give a customer or provider access to certain boards to keep it up to date, but without having to be in the day-to-day details that do not interest you so much.

# 4 – Slack

Since the Basecamp boys bring up Slack, we have no choice but to talk about this tool.

Of course, it is really powerful, there is no doubt about that. In fact, it is almost a hybrid or with options of all the alternatives that we have commented, although it is closer to the way of working of the aforementioned Basecamp and its system of threads, both public and private.

Integration and adaptability to mobile are some of its strongest points. You can use Slack with Google Drive, Salesforce or Dropbox – among many other services – without leaving the application. In addition, it supports voice calls and videoconferences, which, together with the really good thing that works on the phone, makes it a perfect tool for those who work in mobility.

# 5 – Todoist

Many options remain in the inkwell, but we did not want to stop citing a really simple app, with few options but that can “save your life” more than once, either alone or in the company of any of those we have already spoken. I mean Todoist.  

We insist: it is not nearly as complete, but its task management is super effective. With a couple of touches to the screen, you can organize your day, see the progress of your tasks, move them from one date to another …

It does not replace the other project management tools (although there is a Business version that is not bad at all), but it complements them wonderfully.


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